Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Real Life Recovery

Welcome to our site, and our approach to Recovery from drugs and alcohol.
We believe addiction is a difficult and complicated issue, and there is no simple, "one size fits all" solution.
Our experience has shown that a combination of 12 Step principles and practical, real life coping skills, are an effective way of maintaining sobriety,
We have dealt with hundreds of people in our careers, and know first-hand the mental, physical and emotional devastation of substance abuse. If you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol or drugs, feel free to ask us anything; we have seen and heard numerous cases; if it’s been done, we have probably witnessed it! Addiction is truly a brain disease, not a spiritual or moral issue. While it is true that alcoholism and drug addiction weaken and ultimately destroy our value systems, the road to recovery starts with correcting mental issues like depression, anger and the brain chemical changes brought about by addiction. These neuro-chemical imbalances do NOT correct themselves overnight. Our society today is always looking for the quick fix; whether it's weight loss or addiction treatment, there are no magic pills or potions. It's all about making lifestyle changes. Pride and ego...a powerful pair! Not the pride we take in our accomplishments;but the type that prevents us from truly looking at ourselves, our behaviors and shortcomings. It's the false pride that prevents us from getting honest and sharing our true feelings, and the dread of being judged by others. Ego is a part of our psychological makeup, often imbalanced and fueled by feelings of insecurity. The baffling paradox confronting most addicts is how an inflated ego, arrogance, and low self-esteem can possibly co-exist. Together, pride and ego serve to inhibit our ability to mature emotionally, and limit meaningful relationships with family, friends and certainly a significant other. It is becoming rare to encounter someone coming into recovery, who is not abusing more than one substance. The majority of addicts do admit that while alcohol is not their drug of choice, it IS the catalyst that leads them to seek out the next high. The inhibition lowering effect of alcohol spans a wide range, making us feel invincible and immune to external forces. This is a dangerous time that leads us to drive impaired, risk our lives in dangerous areas to cop drugs and engage in risky sexual behavior.

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