Saturday, June 7, 2008

speaker commitment

while not one of my favorite formats,
I committed myself to speaking at a meeting
this past week.

I tend to think outside the box, and cause some
old timers to wince and whisper.

viewing addiction as a complex issue, I urge
people to address every aspect of their lives.
when i state that AA might not be the only
solution for all, there seems to be as many
folks nodding in agreement, as there are frowning.

the message I'm trying to convey, is that addiction
is a powerful force, resistant to treatment and
difficult to control.

sure meetings, sponsors, a higher power and step
work are valuable, continued sobriety many
times requires additional mental or emotional help.

an item I tend to stress is patience;
so often I would allow my physical well being
tell me I was all better, but never gave my mind
enough time to really heal.

there is no quick fix or shortcut to recovery;
it's all about patience, tolerance and acceptance.

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Shadow said...

oh i hear you. take whatever you can get, from whereever, as long as it works and keeps you sober and fulfilled... that's the goal, isn't it?

Kathy Lynne said...

One of my favorite oldtimers always says "AA is not a cureall" and by this he means that it can help you get and stay sober but you may need doctors, therapists, medication, etc. to deal with underlyng issues. I agree.