Wednesday, June 17, 2009

enjoy yourself

what's the point of all this time
and effort, if you aren't having fun?

we've already seen and heard the
doom & gloom of addiction; there
comes a time to experience the joy
and freedom of clean living.

the concept of sober fun was foreign
to me at first.
how can i possibly have a good time
at parties, sporting events, or after
work, without drinking?

it certainly didn't happen overnight.

it's taken some time to be comfortable
around friends without a buzz.
now i enjoy the company of a mix
of sober and social drinkers.

there is a place for sober events,
especially early on, but most of
the world is not in recovery.

i can now really feel relaxed
interacting with folks who can
drink safely, yet respect my
decision to abstain.

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clean and crazy said...

what a beautiful post. i so relate, only i still do not have any social or earthling friends that i hang out with

Shadow said...

that's a damn good place!

Eli said...

On a date last week, my wife asked if I minded her getting a drink. I didn't, and it was fine. I appreciated her checking.

I'm also working on enjoying sobriety. I've been in a bit of a funk lately, and it helps to remember that I'm sober and blessed, and then to enjoy each moment.