Thursday, August 6, 2009


why is it i love and hate my life
at the same time?

I've been blessed with good
health, a close family, a career
that was exiting, rewarding
and never boring.

my job allowed me the time
to open a fitness center, and
coach college volleyball.

all those things that made me
who i was, are gone now.

perhaps it wouldn't be as bad
if i was 15 years older;
and could survive on the memories.

it is just hard to feel productive
at this stage of my life, when
there is so little to challenge me today

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clean and crazy said...

ah, maybe it is not so little to challenge you, maybe you just haven't found the right challenge. Don't stop looking for your next adventure now, you have so much left to give.

Gin said...

My Dad is a fireman. Did I ever mention that to you before? He has yet to retire for this very reason although my mother is dying for him to do so. Sometimes just living life can be challenging enough! I'm sure something will come your way that will give you the boost you are looking for. Keep your eyes out!

Shadow said...

i hate it when i get to that stage too... dissatisfaction with a perfect life, really... it's boredom, i'm convinced of it. find yourself something to challenge your mind, your body, and all will be well again.