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Pamela Bach Sentenced 90 Days in DUI Case
Pamela Bach, ex-wife of actor David Hasselhoff, has been sentenced to 90 days in jail after pleading no contest to a drunken driving charge from November. She received 60 of those days in jail because she was on probation for a previous DUI offense when she was arrested in November with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.14.

Cameron Douglas Sentenced to Five Years
Facing an alleged 10-year "mandatory" sentence of 10 years in federal prison for trafficking large amounts of methamphetamine and cocaine, Cameron Douglas, son of actor Michael Douglas, was sentenced to only five years by U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman. The sentence came after many of Douglas' famous relatives wrote letters supporting a lesser sentence.

Corey Dillon Arrested For Drunk Driving
Corey Dillion, former New England Patriots running back, was arrested in Malibu, California on suspicion of drunk driving. Police said when they stopped him for driving too slow, Dillion exhibited "multiple symptoms of being under the influence."

Mexican Drug Kingpin Sentenced in Oregon
The Mexican leader of one of the biggest methamphetamine-producing organizations in Oregon has been sentenced to 30 years behind bars. Jorge Ortiz-Oliva, 40, was the boss behind three meth "super labs" and dozens of marijuana grow operations, according to investigators.

Different Sentences for Repeat Drunk Drivers
An Indiana judge may have some explaining to do concerning two recent sentences he handed down. A male driver with five previous convictions was given four years in jail, while a female defendant with three previous drunk driving convictions, was given probation and had her charge reduced to a misdemeanor.

Liquor Commissioner Charged With Drunk Driving
Richard Simard was charged with drunk driving after he was stopped by police for driving erratically and he failed a field sobriety test. Simard, who refused to take a breath test, is one of New Hampshire's state liquor commissioners.

Previous Headlines

Willie Nelson's Band Members Face Charges
Saying famous people are not above the law, a North Carolina prosecutor is pursuing charges against six members of Willie Nelson's band on drug and alcohol offenses. The charges stem from a search of the band's bus in January in which police seized substances which are being tested at the state crime lab. Nelson was not on the bus at the time.

Girlicious Singer Pleads Not Guilty to Cocaine Charge
Natalie Nicole Mejia, a member of the pop music group Girlicious, has entered a not guilty plea to charges of possession of cocaine with intent to sell. Mejia was arrested in March with a dozen bags of cocaine in her purse during a traffic stop. She claimed she didn't know how the drugs got into her Gucci bag.

Kentucky Assistant Coach Charged With DUI
For University of Kentucky assistant basketball coach Rod Strickland, failing several roadside sobriety tests after being stopped for running a red light was not a new experience. It turns out Strickland has had three previous drunk driving arrests. He was also charged with failure to maintain insurance and improper registration.

Drunk Granny Wrecks Car With Kids in Backseat
A Tennessee woman is facing nine different charges after she crashed her car in Memphis. The problem for Sharon Kimbrough was not that she wrecked her car, but she was drinking and had three grandchildren - ages 3, 2 and 1 - unbuckled in the backseat at the time.

Third-Grader Gives Out Heroin at School
Police have arrested the mother of an 8-year-old who had 80 bags of heroin in his backpack at school. Police may not have found the small baggies, stamped with the words "Trust Me" on them, except the third-grader was handing them out to his friends at school.

Man Sets Home Ablaze With Pot Bong
If you want to clean your marijuana bong, you might not want to do so by soaking it with alcohol and setting it on fire. That was what a New Mexico man tried when he set his mobile home on fire. He was arrested when an off-duty deputy saw him driving away from the burning trailer

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