Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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Lindsay Lohan Rejects Plea Deal Again
Lindsay Lohan has rejected a plea deal in her felony grand theft case on charges that she stole a necklace from a Venice Beach jewelry store. A preliminary hearing scheduled in April will determine if she will go to trial and if she has violated her probation on her 2007 DUI conviction.

Martin Sheen: Charlie Is 'Emotionally Crippled'
Actor Martin Sheen told reporters that he understands what his son Charlie Sheen is going trough, because he has had his own public psychotic episodes. He said Charlie is behaving like a child because he stop growing emotionally when he started taking drugs at a young age.

Snoop Dogg Promotes Controversial New Alcohol Drink
Rapper Snoop Dogg has done a video promoting a controversial new drink that opponents say should be banned because it's targeted at younger drinkers. The drink called Blast contains 12% alcohol and comes in grape, raspberry watermelon, strawberry lemonade and blueberry pomegranate flavors.

Paris Hilton Prosecutor Arrested for Cocaine
The Las Vegas deputy district attorney who prosecuted Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars on drug charges has been arrested for buying crack cocaine. David Schubert, 47, was charged with one count of cocaine possession.

Seattle's Adam Kennedy Charged in DUI
A January traffic stop in California has resulted in drunken driving for Seattle Mariners' player Adam Kennedy. Stopped on a Newport Beach freeway, Kennedy faces a misdemeanor count of driving under the influence and a misdemeanor count of driving with a blood alcohol level above the legal limit.

Dallas CB Bryan McCann Arrested
Dallas Cowboys cornerback Bryan McCann was arrested for public intoxication and taken to the city detox center before being released eight hours later. The defensive back and special teams player denies that he was intoxicated at the time

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clean and crazy said...

you know i got put in jail for stealing hem tape. 1.47!! if she can't be booked for a 2,500 dollar necklace than i don't know what. $1.47 yeah that's right.