Saturday, May 5, 2012

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Natalie Wood's Daughter Arrested on Drug Charges
Courtney Wagner, daughter of actor Robert Wagner and the late Natalie Wood, has been arrested for felony cocaine and heroin possession. Police searched her Malibu home after someone reported a woman's screams and a gunshot coming from the home. No one was injured.

Bobby Brown: I Didn't Get Whitney Houston Into Drugs
Singer Bobby Brown is taking no responsibility for the downfall and eventual death of his former wife Whitney Houston, telling "The Today Show" that he never used heavy drugs until she came into his life. Brown said Whitney was into drugs "way before" they became a couple.

Wiz Khalifa Busted For Marijuana in N.C.
Rapper Wiz Khalifa has been arrested again for possession of marijuana. Police found 11.39 grams of weed while searching his tour bus in North Carolina. He was given and citation, but will have to appear in court later to face charges.

'Oil Can' Boyd Tells ESPN He Used Crack Every Day
Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd says management turned the other way as he used crack cocaine everyday of the 1986 season with the Boston Red Sox because they needed his talent. Boyd said he even smoke in the Oakland clubhouse and carried the drug in his cap while on the mound.

Notre Dame Starting QB Rees Jailed
For the second year in a row, Notre Dame's starting quarterback has gotten in trouble with police. Tommy Rees was pepper-sprayed after leaving an off-campus party while resisting arrest for illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor. Police said Rees' blood-alcohol level was 0.11.

Drunk Reports Car Stolen From Passenger Seat
Seattle police responded quickly when they received a 9-1-1 call from an intoxicated man who reported that his vehicle had been stolen. When officers recovered the vehicle, they had no problem finding the Audi's owner. He was sitting in the passenger seat.

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