Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Bravest

How the BFD has changed over the years; high tech apparatus, specialized training and the latest in protective gear. In 77 we were given used helmets, turnouts and 3/4 boots We had 2 weeks of training and learned on the job

 There were open cab engines & tiller trucks. The shop had to put wood covers over some engines to protect us from rocks and urine thrown at us at Father Panik Village & PT Barnum Apts. Arson was rampant, open hydrants in the summer were the worst on Engine 10 but we loved the action.

 When all engines got resuscitators medical calls went up but arson began to subside. Tim Gies from Squad 5 used to say "more fires, less bullshit" Us engine guys were used to taking shit from the truckies how big and bad they were while they slept through the still alarms we responded to.

 As an LT on Engine 1 while headed to a car fire Capt Bill Haug made a smart ass comment on the speaker to which I responded..".and how many car fires have you fought Bill? "Paul Neugebauer commended me for speaking up to Haug.

Ended my career at Engine 3 with a great group of guys, was Dana Hannon's first officer, worked with Don Herring, the most versatile firefighter, met Dennis Gergely whose father I worked with for years at 10's
also had the best Battalion Chief, Bruce Porzelt & his driver LT Paul Kochiss

Lots of changes over the years, many retired friends, younger guys now Lt's Capt's and A/C's  Carry on the tradition brothers, of the biggest & best Fire Dept in the state

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