Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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Kerry Kennedy Fights Drugged-Driving Charge
Kerry Kennedy, ex-wife of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, has asked a judge to dismiss a drugged driving charge against her because she "accidentally" took a sleeping pill. Kennedy's 99-page motion outlined her work for social justice and includes letters of support from friends and relatives.

Carmine Giovinazzo Pleads Guilty to DUI
Actor Carmine Giovinazzo of the television show "CSI: NY" has taken responsibility for his driving under the influence charge in Scottsdale, Arizona. Giovinazzo entered a guilty plea to DUI and will have to complete an alcohol education program, but he avoided jail time.

'Moonshiners' Actor Arrested for Drinking
Here's a shocker. Steven Ray Tickle, 35, who stars on the television reality show "Moonshiners" has been arrested for public drunkenness. He was busted in the parking lot of a Virginia convenience store with an open container in his hand.

Rick Springfield Arrested Over Previous DUI
"Jessie's Girl" singer and songwriter Rick Springfield was briefly arrested in Los Angeles for failing to appear at a hearing to check his progress on completing a court-order alcohol program from 2011. His attorney quickly got the bench warrant dismissed, saying it was a mix-up about the hearing date.

Convicted Killer Gets 10 Years on Drug Charges
A North Carolina woman who made national headlines when she was convicted of killing her Australian-born, disabled, 10-year-old stepdaughter Zahra Baker has been given additional prison time for a federal drug charge. Elisa Baker, 44, was sentenced to 10 years for conspiracy to distribute prescription drugs.

Tyrann Mathieu Says Marijuana Isn't Fun Anymore
Former LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu, formerly known as "Honey Badger," is trying to convince NFL football teams that he's given up the dope. "All the things I put before football in the past, it's not fun anymore — marijuana and everything you put before football is obsolete now," Mathieu in an interview.

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