Thursday, August 29, 2013

celebrity update

Latest celebrity substance abuse news

David Cassidy Faces Another DUI
Former "The Partridge Family" star David Cassidy is facing drunken driving charges in Schodack, New York. The former teen idol, now age 63, was given a sobriety test after failing to dim his lights at a police checkpoint. His blood-alcohol level was 0.10.

Lindsay Lohan Admits She's a Addict
In a televised interview, actress Lindsay Lohan admitted lying in the past about her cocaine use. Lohan said she snorted, but never injected cocaine. She also admitted that she was an addict, but alcohol was her drug of choice.

DMX Arrested for Marijuana Possession
Earl Simmons, who is more widely known as the rapper DMX, is in trouble with the law again. Police found several bags of marijuana in a vehicle in which he was a passenger after it made a U-turn. As he was being taken to a South Carolina jail, DMX claimed he was being set up.

Omar Gooding Arrested for DUI
Former "Wild & Crazy Kids" star Omar Gooding has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. The younger brother of Cuba Gooding and former Nickelodeon child star, Omar was arrested in Los Angeles and released hours later on his own recognizance.

Von Miller Suspended 6 Games
The NFL has suspended Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller for the first six games of the 2013 season for violation of the league's substance-abuse policy. The league originally wanted an eight-game suspension for the 2012 Defensive Player of the Year runner-up.

Jay Ratliff DWI Case Postponed
The judge must be a Cowboys fan. Jay Ratliff was due to face charges this week for his January 22 drunk driving arrest after he collided with an 18-wheeler and crashed into a guardrail with a blood-alcohol level of 0.16. But the judge postponed the hearing until February 2014, after the football season.

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