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Drug Case Dismissed Against Mackenzie Phillips
Drug charges have been dismissed against actress Mackenzie Phillips after she successfully completed a court-ordered drug diversion program. The former "One Day at a Time" star was arrested two months ago when airport screeners found a small amount of narcotics in her bags.

Lindsay Lohan Violated Probation?
As part of her probation for a DWI conviction,Lindsay Lohan was supposed to attended alcohol classes every seven days, but she didn't show up for 20 days. State law requires the school to inform the judge if a student is absent for 21 days, and Lohan waited until the 21st day.

Michael Douglas Calls Son's Sentence 'Adequate'
Actor Michael Douglas told NBC's "Today" show that he believes the sentence his son received for trafficking meth and cocaine was "adequate" and he hopes five years is enough time for Cameron Douglas to kick the habit. "He was going to be dead or somebody was going to kill him," Douglas said.

Sheriff Accused of Dealing Drugs From Police SUV
Former Lee County, South Carolina, Sheriff E.J. Melvin has been charged with dealing drugs from his police SUV and trying to exhort money from drug dealers to tip them off about being under investigation by the FBI. Melvin's telephone had been tapped since March by the FBI, authorities said.

Football Recruit Had Blood-Alcohol Level of 0.19
A highly regarded Notre Dame football recruit, who fell to his death from a Panama City Beach hotel balcony during Spring break, was more that twice the level for legal intoxication, according to a coroner's report. Matt James, a 6-8, 280-pound offensive lineman from St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, had a blood-alcohol content of 0.19 when he fell.

Washington Man Arrested for 9th DUI
A Washington man has been arrested at his home in North Bend after a bench warrant was issued for him after he failed to show up in court. Authorities said Stefhan Roy Castellano was supposed to appear in court last week on his ninth drunken driving charge. And yes, he was intoxicated when troopers took him into custody.

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