Sunday, December 4, 2011

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Courtney Love Is Lindsay Lohan's Sober Coach?
This could be a case of the blind leading the blind. Courtney Love, who has had her own widely publicized substance abuse meltdowns, is reportedly giving Lindsay Lohan advice on how to stay clean and sober. "I've taken up Lohan because nobody else will. She's further down the line than I was, because there was no TMZ then," Love said.

Griffin O'Neal Pleads Guilty to DUI
Another son of actor Ryan O'Neal is in trouble for substance abuse. Griffin O'Neal has pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and possession of a firearm by a felon after a head-on crash which injured another driver. Police said he was high when he veered into on-coming traffic.

Lil Boosie Gets 8 Years in Drug Case
Baton Rouge rapper "Lil Boosie," whose real name is Torrence Hatch, has been sentenced to eight years on drug charges. He pleaded guilty to trying to smuggle codeine, marijuana and ecstasy into prison where he was already serving time.

D.A. Vows Hard Line on Former Convict
Prosecutors have vowed to treat drunk driving charges very seriously against a man who was once prosecuted as a juvenile on homicide charges. Assistant District Attorney Patrick Carmody said he will "take very seriously" the DUI charges against Sean O. O'Neill Jr.

Doctor Accused of Selling Oxycodone Out of His Car
A New York doctor has surrendered to authorities to face federal charges of illegally selling prescriptions for oxycodone. Investigators said 60-year-old Dr. Leonard Stambler was driving around in his car delivering prescriptions for powerful pain killers to his clients.

Drunk Driver Hits Two Police Cars
It probably didn't take long for El Paso police to figure out that Marco Antonio Medina was driving while intoxicated. The 32-year-old crashed his vehicle into two police cars that were blocking the center lane of Mesa Street.

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