Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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Nick Stahl Checks Out of Rehab
Less than a month after checking into rehab, actor Nick Stahl has checked himself out of treatment and has disappeared again, according to friends and family members. The "Terminator" star hasn't been seen since June 14, according to his estranged wife, Rose.

Brien Taylor Remains in Custody
Brien Taylor, former New York Yankees pitching prospect, has been transferred into federal custody to face drug charges. Taylor is accused of selling large quantities of cocaine and crack to an undercover agent.

Former Redskin Rickie Harris Convicted of DWI
Former Washington Redskin Rickie Harris has been convicted at trial of felony drunk driving. Harris, 69, was sentenced to six months in prison because it was his third driving while intoxicated offense in the past five years in Virginia.

Arizona Cardinals' Haggans Reports to Jail
Clark Haggans, former Pittsburgh Steelers and now Arizona Cardinals linebacker, has reported to jail to serve his sentence for driving under the influence. The 35-year-old will serve two days in jail and then seven days of work release.

Parents Planted Drugs on School Volunteer
A California elementary school parent volunteer apparently angered the wrong parents. Police have arrested Kent and Jill Easter, both of whom are attorneys, for planting prescription pain killers, marijuana and a marijuana pipe in the car of the woman and then calling 9-1-1.

Police Arrest House-Sitter for Meth Lab
As house sitters go, he was their worse nightmare. An Ohio couple returned home from a vacation to find methamphetamine-making chemicals in their home. Police arrested John Joseph Piscitelli IV, 24, for illegal manufacture of drugs.

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