Saturday, August 2, 2008

one day at a time?

a common mantra heard in the rooms of recovery.

actually we have no choice in the matter;
humans have been doing this for eons.

initially the practice left me feeling a bit insecure.

I guess it implied that i could not plan for the future.
now i realize that's not the case; just don't have
unrealistic expectations, or try to plan outcome.

i no longer wake up and decide not
to drink for that day.

nearly 5 years ago, i decided to quit for 20 years.
i know that goes against all the literature and advice.
how this works for me is by quieting that inner voice
in my mid-brain, and precluding it from asking
every day; "can we just try some wine, or a few beers?"

now that i've given myself the option of drinking 15
years from now, there is no longer that daily conflict,
weighing the pros and cons, and the rest of the
bargaining that occurred on a daily basis.

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Shadow said...

i like your thinking there.

sometimes i do need one day at at time, though mostly when it comes to my impatience and living in the future. which, if i don't 1dat could lead me into trouble. but i, thank you god, no longer wake up telling myself i'm not drinking today. ha, progress!