Tuesday, February 23, 2010

latest drinking antics

more consequences for various
folks in the spotlight and public eye...

Charlie Sheen's Wife Checks Into Rehab
Several media outlets and gossip websites have reported that Brooke Mueller, wife of actor Charlie Sheen, has checked herself into a Malibu rehab center to get treatment for alcohol and crack addiction. Mueller and Sheen were involved in a drunken dispute in Colorado at Christmas that resulted in Sheen's arrest.

Jayson Williams' Alcohol Level More Than Twice Limit
Prosecutors said former NBA star Jayson Williams had a blood-alcohol level of .19 when he crashed his Mercedes SUV into a tree and put his head through the windshield. Williams has entered a plea of not guilty to driving across four lanes of traffic to crash into the Manhattan tree.

Redskins' Byron Westbrook Arrested for DUI
Washington Redskins cornerback Byron Westbrook, brother of Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook, has been arrested on suspicion of drunken driving in Maryland. Police arrested Westbrook after his vehicle crossed the center line and he failed several sobriety tests.

'Deadliest Catch' TV Star Arrested on DUI
Reality TV star Jake Harris, son of the late "Deadliest Catch" boat captain Phil Harris, was arrested by Washington state troopers and charged with DUI. Harris was stopped for driving erratically on Interstate 5, had a suspended license, failed field sobriety tests and refused a breath test, according to police reports.

Former Michigan Speaker Accused of Drunken Driving
After witnesses reported seeing a drunken man park his car and stagger into a store, police arrested former speaker of the Michigan House Craig DeRoche. Police said DeRoche, who recorded a .249 blood-alcohol level, was so drunk he could not stand up by himself.

Woman Sentenced to Prison for 4th DUI
A Nebraska woman who had a blood alcohol content of .295 has been sentenced to eight years in prison for her fourth drunken driving conviction since 2007. Tina Grundmann, 36, requested probation from the judge saying that she was seeking treatment for alcoholis

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Shadow said...

nobody's immune...

Shadow said...

...i remember a comment i made to hubby once, can't quite remember the whole conversation though, but it was that i certainly didn't PLAN for this to happen. it just happens. and so very quickly...