Friday, August 6, 2010

alcohol - the most dangerous drug


People are often shocked when they find out that alcohol is considered the most dangerous drug a person can ingest. That's right, it is more dangerous than heroin, crystal meth, OxyContin and cocaine. Why is this? How can something that is so readily available to the public be so toxic to the body?

One of the main reasons behind alcohol being so dangerous is the way that it reduces the person's ability to control their actions and their body. The more alcohol a person drinks the less control they have when they are talking, driving, operating any type of heavy machinery, watching their children, cooking or any other activities that people consider they can do while under the influence of alcohol. When a person has a large amount of alcohol in their system they are more susceptible to accidents, ranging from minor to fatal.

Another reason why alcohol is dangerous is because of its effects on the brain. Normally, one of the brain's functions is to produce Gabba, which is a natural, anti-anxiety medicine. Once alcohol is consumed some of it turns into Gabba, tricking the brain into thinking that there is more of the chemical. What happens, is that the brain stops producing Gabba and just relies on the alcohol to handle that function. So, when alcoholics complain about anxiety, it is because they are severely lacking Gabba.

But here's the twist, none of the above mentioned manifestations of alcohol are the worst part. No, the most dangerous thing about being an alcoholic are the withdrawals. Alcohol is one of the few drugs that can actually kill you. Between the seizures, shakes, and elevated pressure an alcoholic is at great risk when they cease drinking all together. This certainly does not mean that someone should avoid quitting drinking, however it is highly recommended that they enroll in an alcohol rehab where they can detox safely.
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