Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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George Michael Charged With Possessing, DUI
After British singer George Michael crashed his vehicle into a London storefront on July 4, it was suspected that he may have been under the influence. That was confirmed this week when police charged officially charged him with possession of marijuana and driving while "unfit." It's at least his third alcohol or drug related driving offense.

Former 'Bachelor' Winner Gets DUI
The winner of the sixth season of the television show "The Bachelor," Mary Delgado, has been arrested in Tampa for misdemeanor driving under the influence. It was her third arrest in as many years. She was arrested in November 2008 in Del Rio, Texas for public intoxication and resisting arrest after refusing to leave a bar.

Lindsay Lohan Judge Removes Herself From Case
The judge who ordered Lindsay Lohan to 90 days of jail and rehab has removed herself from the case after the prosecutor claimed that she had improper private communication with witnesses and participants in the case. Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel recused herself and Judge Elden Fox is now handling the Lohan DUI probation case.

Actor Rip Torn Headed for Trial
A Connecticut judge has rejected an application from Rip Torn for "accelerated rehabilitation" and ordered the actor to stand trial on breaking and entering and weapons charges. The judge said the gun charges were too serious and Torn had previous opportunities to deal with his drinking problem. An armed Torn, 79, was found asleep inside a bank that he told police he thought was his home.

Colts' Lineman Faces Public Intoxication Charge
Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman John Gill has been arrested for public intoxication after police found him passed out in a ditch on the side of the road around 4 a.m. The officers tried to help him to his feet, but he kept falling down.

Father, Son Charged With Operating Two Pot Grow Houses
A 69-year-old Chicago area man and his 42-year-old son have been arrested for running an elaborate marijuana growing operation in homes they owned in Skokie, Illinois and Chesterton, Indiana. Authorities seized 383 plants, 22,700 grams of pot and various weapons during the raid of the two homes.
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