Sunday, August 22, 2010

older folks and drinking

excerpt from a good article
in Medical News Today;

"Some people whose drinking habits do not change over the years and decades may find that they develop problems with alcohol when they get older - aging lowers the body's tolerance for alcohol. A drink now and again as one ages will not usually cause any harm. However, alcohol can become a problem for older adults, especially if they are taking certain prescription medications, have health conditions, or do not control their alcohol intake."

this is where the "progression theory" we hear
so much about is challenged.

12 step advocates insist that this disease(really
no more a disease than nicotine addiction)
actually progresses, even if we aren't drinking

I never bought into that

the only "progression" that occurs is the
ongoing saga of mother nature and father time

who among us could drink in their 30's as they
could in their 20's?

and the process continues with each decade

it's not that this mysterious "disease" grows
like a cancer--
the body just does not adapt and recover
as well, as we age.

there is nothing out there "doing pushups
in the parking lot", waiting to ambush us
it's merely the aging process

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