Saturday, September 27, 2008

types of binge drinkers

  • De-Stress Drinkers use alcohol to regain control of life and calm down. They include middle-class women and men.

  • Conformist Drinkers are driven by the need to
    belong and seek a structure to their lives. They are typically men aged
    45 to 59 in clerical or manual jobs.

  • Boredom Drinkers consume alcohol to pass the time,
    seeking stimulation to relieve the monotony of life. Alcohol helps them
    to feel comforted and secure.

  • Depressed Drinkers may be of any age, gender or socioeconomic group. They crave comfort, safety and security.

  • Re-Bonding Drinkers are driven by a need to keep in touch with people who are close to them.

  • Community Drinkers are motivated by the need to belong. They are usually lower middle class men and women who drink in large friendship groups.

  • Hedonistic Drinkers crave stimulation and want to
    abandon control. They are often divorced people with grown-up children,
    who want to stand out from the crowd.

  • Macho Drinkers spend most of their spare time in pubs. They are mostly men of all ages who want to stand out from the crowd.

  • Border Dependents regard the pub as a home from
    home. They visit it during the day and the evening, on weekdays and at
    weekends, drinking fast and often.
quite the list of binge drinking personality types compiled by british reseachers.

what they discovered was how incorporated drinking was, into the lifestyles and identities of these various types.

it was found that these levels were so deeply embedded, that any challenges of their drinking habits caused those being observed, to become defensive, refuting and outright denying of any problem.

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Anonymous said...

lol i am boredom drinker.

Kathy Lynne said...

I have to say I was all of those one time or another. And sometimes all at the same time.