Monday, November 24, 2008

how i work

lessons from chiropractic experience...

in my competitive volleyball days,
i would visit the body twister for
various injuries.

whether it was neck, back or knee,
the treatment was always the same.
while the spinal manipulation always
provided instant relief; it was always

the long term solution offered by
the doctor, was to return continually
for treatment.
what i needed were specific rehab
exercises to correct any muscle imbalances
i may have had, as opposed to just
going back with the same problem each

this is similar to how i view recovery.

upon entering aa, i was told the answer
lied in coming to meetings for the
remainder of my life, or be in pain.
sounded very similar to chiropractic!

why couldn't i apply the same principles
of correcting imbalances that i used
to solve my joint injuries?

five years ago, i began to implement
those ideas and practices.
i came into aa to get sober;
i didn't get sober just to go to aa.

today, i realize my recovery is
dependent upon balancing many
areas of my life.
spirituality, meetings, sponsors or
rehabs, never kept me away from
a drink for very long.

until i took responsibility, stopped
blaming "the disease", others, or
genetics, the relapse pattern remained
the same.

it was my choice to drink;
it's me who chooses not to, today.

if i continue to address any mental,
emotional and spiritual issues faced,
i have the chance to progress in my
journey out of the woods of addiction.

i must remain responsible, accountable
and vigilant.

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Shadow said...

that old adage, 'doing the same thing and expecting different results', springs to mind. right you are!

Indigo said...

Be the change you want to see, is what I hung onto during those first few days of AA. My partner Paul tends to say to his students all the time, you are what you want to be. It always comes down to one focus, you have to want it, for it to happen. (Hugs)Indigo

Feedback Secrets said...

I like the way you explain your view of recovery in the post. I especially like your aim of finding permanent solutions instead of quick fixes.

In addition I am going to take your advice about being mindful of what bad habits are brewing so as to hopefully correct them before they become larger.