Wednesday, December 23, 2009

augmenting the 12

just wanted to share steps 8 and 11,
from The 16 Steps;

8) We make a list of people we have harmed and people who have harmed us, and take steps to clear out negative energy by making amends and sharing our grievances in a respectful way.

11) We promptly admit to mistakes and make amends when appropriate, but we do not say we are sorry for things we have not done and we do not cover up, analyze, or take responsibility for the shortcomings of others.

These are essential for anyone seeking
progressive wellness, especially women.

Many females have been victims of abuse
in numerous forms; verbal, emotional,
physical and sexual.

sadly we are not encouraged ANYWHERE
in the big book or 12 steps, to safely
address those who have wronged US.

part of the healing process begins with
admitting wrongs, but it remains incomplete
until we are able to share our feelings with
those who have harmed us.

I am reminded of this by the verse
from the Skylark
song from the '70's-"Wildflower"...

"Be careful how you touch her,
for she'll awaken
and sleep's the only freedom that she knows
and when you walk into her eyes,
you won't believe

the way she's always paying
for a debt she never owes
and a silent wind still blows
that only she can hear and so she goes"

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Shadow said...

those lyrics brought tears to my eyes...

Findon said...

have agood christmas John take care of yourself and your family

anita said...

wonderful post. so true about the abuse issue. and "wildflower" is one of my favorite songs of all time.

happy holidays and thanks for posting and sharing and most importantly your honesty.

Susheel Kumar Bhardwaj said...

Hi this is the your blogs is the best & i wish you merry Christmas.