Saturday, July 19, 2008

the dry drunk

"Dry Drunk" has been described as "A condition of returning to one's old alcoholic thinking and behavior without actually having taken a drink." Or as one wise old drunk put it, if a horse thief goes into A.A. what you can end up with is a sober horse thief. Or a personal favorite: you can take the rum out of the fruit cake, but you've still got a fruit cake!

the above from the site on alcoholism

I never use the term in a disparaging manner.
I don't care what the impetus is, to stay away
from a drink or drug.
it could be a judges' gavel, or the wife's'
rolling pin for all i care!

just because someone is a regular meeting maker
gives them no authority to judge or denigrate
someone who does not.

meetings provide no guarantee of improved
behavior; just look around any room.
there are STILL many sober horse thieves around.

Neither the American Medical Association nor The American Psychiatric Association recognize the existence of any such disease as "a non-drinking booze problem", or "dry drunk", or "Codependency".

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Kathy Lynne said...

I think there is a difference between someone who is sober and someone who is living a sober life. AA has helped me to live my life without alcohol in a way I never thought possible and has brought new meaning to not just my life but my existance. I didn't get that by just going to meetings. I believe that is happening because I am working the steps as laid out in the Big Book and I have begun my journey along a spiritual path. Meetings help. I am growing. I think a "dry drunk" is a term used for someone who isn't but is manageing to stay sober. Neither one has anything to do with meetings but may have something to do with quality of life.