Wednesday, July 23, 2008

enjoy the silence

It's just a quiet , rainy wednesday;
I'm sitting here deciding whether i
should go to a noon meeting.

the benefits are beginning to wane,
from attending this group.
last week the chairwoman began to
character assassinate 2 of the ladies
in the room.

it was very uncomfortable(though true),
of what she was saying; but it should have been
done after the meeting, face to face.

lately there's been a tendency of chairpersons,
to monopolize and share off-topic subjects.

oh well, take what i need, and leave the rest.

that's a good suggestion, provided i don't
leave a meeting feeling worse than before!

thankfully i've been going to evening meetings.
freedom of choice is a wonderful thing.

initially the advice; don't drink, go to meetings,
and call your sponsor can work for a while.
in addition one should continue to address
their mental and emotional states.

strive to challenge yourself to discovering
new things about yourself, addiction and recovery.

complacency is rampant in the rooms;
i see it every day.

no matter how small your progress may seem;
the effect is cumulative.

the journey out of the woods of addiction
is not simple, quick or painless.

enjoy the ride, cherish the improvements and
never look back.

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Shadow said...

...the quieter you become, the more you hear...