Friday, July 25, 2008

life detox tips

some down to earth suggestions for cleansing the mind
found on Nursing School Search.
thanks to Laura Milligan!

Reconcile with family and friends
: Don’t let a grudge or a fight with friends affect your conscience or your mood. Reconcile with estranged family members and friends to give your social life a detox.

Be responsible: Take responsibility for yourself and
your actions, and you’ll find that you end up taking much better care
of yourself, physically, emotionally and socially.

Separate yourself from the pack
: Don’t go along
with everything everyone else is doing just because they say so.
Separate yourself from the pack by doing what makes you feel right and
the things that honors your life choices and long term goals.

Keep things in perspective: Instead of overreacting
to every setback, keep things in perspective. Ask yourself if the
problem at hand will matter in six days’ or six months’ time. Most of
the time it won’t, and you can save yourself a lot of toxic worry

Open up: Share your thoughts, goals and feelings with
a friend or family member to purge yourself of anxiety, self-doubt, or
any other negative emotions.

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Shadow said...

how inspiring, thanks for posting!