Friday, December 5, 2008

anger and resentments

two emotions described as dangerous to us.
unfortunately they are a part of all humans.

while they can't always be avoided,
these naturally occurring events
can be managed.

how we deal with the dynamic duo is
directly related to our state of mind.
when drinking, patience and tolerance
levels are usually low.

we were either tired, queasy or grumpy.

along with the physical discomfort, was
the impatience, confrontational attitude,
and paranoia.

sober time allows us to become more
reasonable and rational.
we begin to think before we speak;
no longer is it, "ready, shoot, aim"!

the little things that used to drive us
crazy, are recognized as just that.

it's ok today to get angry;
but it does not have to involve
shouting or avoiding.

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~ Tabitha ~ said...

Good stuff - I think anger is one of those emotions that can catch us off gaurd sometimes or we use too much to cover up something deeper..yikes..I think it's interesting really.I wish more people would share openly about it.

Shadow said...

yes. anger is a major trigger. so right.

clean and crazy said...

Anger and resentments are just a couple of stumbling blocks that we learn to live with in a positive way. Thank you for your thoughts

Fishstyx said...

Yes thank God for my milisecond stop gap AA has given me. It still is not enough time but it is better than it used to be. Lots fewer amends to make that way.