Friday, December 12, 2008

joys of winter?

it is so much easier to cool off than warm up.
now lacking the 35 extra pounds and constant
supply of anti-freeze(alcohol), i used to have,
it can be difficult to shake a chill once it starts.

everything changes with the coming of winter;
the trees are bare,
grass doesn't grow,
no colorful flowers,
and less sunlight

attitudes change, people get grumpy,
the weather becomes a constant
topic of discussion.

even when it rains, people panic
at the possibility of a freeze.
then there's the snow;
nice on the ground...hell on the roads.

january 10 can't come soon enough!

on to arizona and pools, hot tubs
and daily sunshine.

i hate winter.

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Findon said...

Pools and hot tubs!!! John, have you ever understood the word ENVY

Nice post

Shadow said...

is that why i'm so cold in winter lately, heee heee heee. hadn't thought of that. sending cyberheat your way!!!

J-Online said...

I bought myself some warm PJ's and socks to keep me warm and comfortable. I figure I could spend the extra money since it's not going towards alcohol. My grandma also made my son and me flannel blankets. They are wonderful to curl up on and watch a good movie or read a good book. I hope you find some joy in the winter. Hugs, Jen

clean and crazy said...

This too shall pass, before you know it we will be camping and fishing in the lakes of the Ozarks...