Tuesday, December 9, 2008

on turning 57

how did i ever get this old?

already 8 years retired,
my dad is 85 and still dancing,
my son turned 26 on my 5 year sober date,
my favorite aunt still asks if i'm in AAA;
i have to laugh and say, "that's a car club!"

never imagined i would be living in
the country, being a city boy all my life.

after 33 years of working, the last 15
bouncing in and out of recovery, i
lose my part-time job after 5 years
of sobriety; ironic!

a drink can still look attractive at times;
but i have no desire to start this process
all over again.

i find myself urging those who can drink,
to be wary of their amount and frequency;
and always have a designated driver.

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Shadow said...

life changes. so subtly sometimes, one only notices it in hindsight. lovely post today!

J-Online said...

Happy Birthday! Jen

Kathy Lynne said...

Happy Birthday!

~ Tabitha ~ said...

Your life sounds fantastic at 57 years old firman've got lots of life in you to last a long time too..great post.

casino said...

nice entry..

clean and crazy said...

Happy birthday, i am grateful you made the decision today to stay clean.57/5 and still growing!!