Thursday, January 21, 2010

crossing over

most of us have experienced a
"crossing over" period.

for some it was obvious from
the start; those who instantly
feel in love with the buzz.

others may have started to
begin the crossing in high
school or college.

my progression was so slow
and insidious, I can't pinpoint
that crossover.

because of the
gradual time-line of social,
moderate, heavy, and finally
dependence, even family and
friends had a hard time believing--

what turned me on for so long,
had turned on me.

not that it really matters in
the course of recovery;
but it does making the admission
of having a problem, much more

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Shadow said...

for me it was a period that lasted 6 years. yet the effect lasts a lifetime...

Mike said...

Thanks for the post.
Yeah, gosh I sort of remember it. I didn't like it at first, but then the courage I had suddenly was amazing.
In the end though I was afraid of everyone.
What it gives it takes away more of. It was like making a deal with the devil...I almost paid with all my soul

Choleesa said...

I was the by stander while the cross over took place with the father of my kids. It affects more than just the addict.

Jewish Treatment said...

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