Friday, January 8, 2010

thanks readers!

got some great feedback from readers on my post about stress;

mike shared a simple method, get under the covers, meditate & the answers may come

clean & crazy, one of my faithful readers along with the the poet laureate shadow,
said she rubs a small icon(i love it), blogs, and shares with her s/o.

athena mentioned giving up control, reading and patience.

tabitha suggessted relaxing, seeing what can be changed.and never giving up

rob used the bible while in iraq, and recommends it. thank you for your advice & service to our country.

tall kay reminded me to slow down, stay in the present and concentrate on breathing.

lydia , who has long term sobriety, yet still hears that call of the wild, uses music to sooth
and told me "trust in my own springtime"...i like that!

thank you all !!!

even though my life is very simple, i can often allow the little things to upset me

i need to be reminded of the book "don't sweat the small stuff"

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Shadow said...

stress... mmmm, driving real fast usually helps. no seriously, i find taking that which causes the stress and disecting it into little pieces and then tackling each little piece, one at a time, works for me. and don't forget to breathe!

Anonymous said...

Hi it's Secretia. May I suggest long brisk walks, at least an hour a day as a head-clearing therapy. It;s good gor the body too, and you'll find and see interesting things. A new adventure every time!

My first visit here, sent by Tabitha. I'm following you now too.


Dul├že ♥ said...

Won't tell you how I got here.... but she must be a really good friend of yours... and she is a good friend of mine... here I am to cheer yourself up a bit... PLEase follow me, I need follower# 150... lol

I love love and I love life... and always see some light, sometimes smaller, aome times bigger... at the end of the tunnel of LIFE!


Indigo said...

I empty out the noise in my head and lose myself in my surroundings - my working dog, a blazing fire, watching the snow or rain fall, a hot cup of tea. In other words, once you quiet the noise in your head, only then will you hear what the heart is saying. I've found life tends to be more serene, tranquil this way. (Hugs)Indigo

clean and crazy said...

ain't that the truth!! we don't need any added chaos in our lives today!! boundaries are helpful, hard but helpful. it is good to have you back in the community!!

Tabitha.Montgomery said...

Accupuncture works for me to relax,as does stretching daily,mediation,reading and less caffine.I can't stand it when I feel my jaw clenched when I get stressed so I manage my body the best I can even if my brain is clutching

Oh.And just as importantly-LAUGH.
Listen to good music and cook yourself a whole fab meal at home.

yep..just a couple of my fave things I thought I would share.

Have a good weekend.

Thanks for sharing :)