Thursday, January 7, 2010

handling stress

just looking to find out how others
deal with everyday stresses.

sure there is the tried and true
serenity prayer, but what about
those times when life just hands
us more than we can handle.

is there a person or place you
turn to when it just becomes

I still haven't found who or
what to turn to...

my faith is shaken
my resolve is strained
my direction is confused
my hopes are dashed

it is a lonely and bleak place

the resolve to stay on the path
is uncertain,
the call of the wild still
rings in my ears

it is so difficult to resist temptation

anyone relate to this?

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Mike said...

thanks for the post, John

Yes, I can relate to that a lot. The one place I find true refuge is in bed with the covers over my head. It helps a bit and for a while. I feel I can meditate a bit, sometimes the answers come as I put my house in order.

clean and crazy said...

i relate.
my sponsor gave me this pewter butterfly with the work 'relax' on it. it is about the size of a quarter and i rub it a lot.

i also attend meetings when i am stressed and i blog, i go and read other blogs and sometimes find what i read is just what i was looking for. i call a freind or my sponsor or my significant other.

i recently learned that i may have adhd and the other day when i felt suddenly stressed i called my significant other to talk me out of being in a 'panic mode'.

so far i am still working on the anxiety thing but i note that it is getting better.

Tabitha.Montgomery said...

Fireman John -
If you're feeling stressed there are all kinds of way to practice to first try to relax the tension in your body - then backtrack to the stress triggers and see what you can change.I understand this can be hard-but giving up is the easy way for any of us.
Keep an opened mind - think creatively and or seek some more information on stress relief online or via your doctor,health club etc.And never give up on yourself making new ways to live well and stressfree..or at least less stress.That's the one I always aim for ;)

Athena said...

Everyone feels this way at times - sometimes the most stressful things are those that we truly have no control over...

I blog, I toss and turn, I hug my husband, I read... And usually the next day I am ready to breathe and accept and move forward.

I hope your tomorrow is better.

Rob said...

I was in Iraq back in 03 and got a bit stressed and some what depressed b/c of my external environment. There was a thought that I had that I would not be able to get home until I read the bible. Man I read that bible quick. To be honest, I did not get home for another 9 months after I finished it but in many ways reading the bible helped allot. What ever your faith, may it lead you in a peaceful direction. Be well!

Tall Kay said...

Take it easy
First things first
Let go and let God.

I try to remember the last time I was really stressed out. It was only temporary and things eventually settled down. Just keep doing the next indicated action, stay in the moment...and remember to breathe.

Breathe in peace...breathe out stress. God can do it!

Bar L. said...

Yes, can relate to every single word of it! I usually cry, hug my pillow and then when I am done with that I lie there and think about the reality of the situation: It is out of my control. I've been here before and survived. I will survive this time too. It always passes but being in it simply sucks, no way around it. I am glad to have been directed to your blog and will add it to my list.

Lydia said...

Yes, John, I relate - especially when you said the call of the wild was still ringing in your ears. I've been sober now for over 24 years, but I absolutely still remember that ringing in the first years. I fought the ringing with the genius of Mozart, who became sort of my higher power in those days. I listened to his music, bought books about his life and music and digested them, saw the movie "Amadeus" more than once (!) and just learned to trust his wild beautiful soul. For me, living inside his music worked. Maybe you can find a musical genius...doesn't matter the genre...who can have a similar effect for you.
I still love Mozart SO much, and now listen with true appreciation - never forgetting the lifeline his music was for me.

I'll be thinking of you through the winter days remaining and will trust in your own you must also!

Felicitas said...

Hi John, I found your blog through Tabitha. Sometimes the pressures of day-to-day living can get overwhelming and at those times, really, you just need to give yourself permission to take a time out. Step back from your usual responsibilities (if possible). Do things that are just for you.

When I'm at the office and I feel like this, I take an extra long lunch and do any number of things: get a Reiki treatment, visit my favourite shop, take a friend to lunch, go for a walk or just go home and be by my self for awhile.

Hope you feel better soon!