Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Values and recovery

according to 12 step teachings, the only way to
address addiction is to admit powerlessness
and accept that "only a power greater than
ourselves could restore us to sanity".

this offends some people's values.
their view is that submission is not the
answer to their problem.

studies indicate that the 2 primary
relapse predictors are lack of coping
skills and subscribing to the disease model.

research and psychological theory show
that is is more empowering and successful
for belief and value in your own strength.

unfortunately, any talk of self-efficacy in
aa is labeled denial; you are told you
cannot succeed on your own.

while I understand the importance of
a support system, the buck stops with me.
I am reponsible and accountable for my
own recovery.
more tomorrow...

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clean and crazy said...

i was told that one major philosophical difference between AA and NA was that in AA you are 'born an alcoholic' and in NA we say 'we didn't become addicted in one day' so easy does it.

now while the 12 steps say we need to surrender to the fact that we are addicts and need help it does not define where that help comes from. our concept of a Higher Power is defined by ourselves. the only suggestions given to us when coming to believe in a Higher Power is that it be loving and caring.

the thing about learning to ask for help is that while it feels like defeat that you need to ask for help, you empower yourself when you surrender your will and just allow things to be.

when i quit trying to make things happen and just 'go with the flow' life is much easier and to me that is more the concept of the 12 steps then being told what to do.

good luck with your recovery, it is yours and no one else can tell you how to work your program. that is what i was taught.