Sunday, December 28, 2008

the rat race

kind of a good reminder of the constant
changes life has to offer.

there are so many unexpected curve
balls thrown at us; but that is ok, and
what this journey is all about.

i don't view life as a contest to be
won or lost; but rather a challenge
to do a respectable job of being
responsible, accountable, reliable
and available.

the best "race" analogy that works
for me is, "slow and steady wins the race"

actually it's not about winning at all;
it is about putting forth the effort, and
accepting the outcome, secure in the
knowledge that we tried.

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J-Online said...

every single word you wrote spoke to me. I needed to read this today. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Jenn

the rock said...

I agree with you John, life always reminds me that no matter how good of a program I think I am working, there is always someone else giving it more than me. But today I realize that it's all about how hard I try for it is my program that counts for it is my life that needs contentment. In the end I am the one that needs to feel content not them. I run my own race today and that is all that is needed..

Shadow said...

yeah, just get there. in one piece. your way!

clean and crazy said...

Thanks so much I really needed to hear that after the weekend I just had. It was like going to a meeting and hearing what I needed to hear.