Wednesday, October 7, 2009

dealing with urges

does anyone else feel tempted by a
drink at times?

though not a compulsion, the thought
of a cold beer or glass of wine still persists
for me.

sure, the bottom line is not acting on
the thought, but I often envy the
folks who share that the desire has
completely left them.

I continue to pray on it and share
my feelings with my sponsor and
at meetings.

acceptance is key for me today;
my outlook and experiences are
somewhat unique and I deal with

there is no mystery concerning the
outcome should I choose to pick up;
and it always ended badly.

thankfully my thoughts don't have
to become my actions.

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Gin said...

I love this!!! Our thoughts do not have to become our actions - thank goodness!

clean and crazy said...

i don't envy those who say that they no longer have an urge.

to me that sounds a bit phony, what urges other than alcohol or drugs could there be? you know if you played golf for 35 years, then suddenly quit, do you think for a minute that years down the road you wouldn't get an occasional urge to go golfing? of course you would

for me it is urges that i find that are not related to dope and booze that get me, sex, food especially unhealthy food, spending money those are the urges i fight today and then when i act on them and feel guilty, those are the patterns that lead to the using urges, so for me diligence in my program is the key.

great post by the way.

Shadow said...

yes i do, in the social setting, as a part of the 'ritual', but thank goodness it stays a thought and hasn't become a compulsion. nor does it happen every time either... thank you for the "my thoughts don't have to become my actions". that's the key!