Friday, January 8, 2010

friday questions

any difficult moments during the holiday season?

is there any lingering envy when socializing with
family or friends who drink safely?

what do you do to fill those times of the day
when a drink was the thing to do?

when do you experience the joys of recovery most?

if it were possible to drink safely, would you?

have you ever been on a 12 step call?

do you believe that this allergy progresses
even when abstinent, or is it just the combination
of mother nature & father time, reminding us
that we could never imbibe like the previous
decade(s) of our life?

why does there always have to be a long-winded
old timer in every recovery room?

when does the thought of the cold beer or glass
of wine ever go away?

does anyone else think like me, and analyze every
aspect of recovery?

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Lydia said...

My only difficult moments during the holiday season were facing the fact that I cared less about the holiday than ever before. I took the Christmas tree down yesterday and really pared down the junk I'm keeping.

John, I experience the joys of recovery most when I read these questions and realize that I absolutely would NOT drink if it was safe and I never think of a cold beer or glass of wine, and don't have any particular reaction when others drink socially around me. Really. Never.

That question of yours about the allergy progressing when abstinent, etc. is a fascinating question! I'm just not sure about that at all! But I will not test it to see. :)

I think you might really like the poem I've posted at my blog the last two sober anniversaries. I return to it in my mind probably once a week at least. The post is right here.

clean and crazy said...

1- yes when my baby brother was around me. his insanity is difficult to witness first hand.
2.- no, i don't go around those who still drink or drug, i don't want to 'dare' my recovery or risk a relapse
3.- live, live, live. i used to hang out in my mothers basement all day unless i was stealing for my next shot of dope. today i am busy in service work, learning new skills, playing with my children and living life, i NEVER have a moment to spare today!!
4.- when i am living in the moment
5.- no, i have found recovery to be too much fun!!
6.- no
7.- absolutely
8.- to remind me of what i don't want to become in recovery!! and to give me a choice to be better then that in life today!! and to give me gratitude that i am not that long winded old timer!!
9.- it will always be there, my addict is always with me. the time it goes away is when i turn my will over to the care of the God of my understanding. when i am doing His will and not my own.
10.- yes, you are not alone!!

Tabitha.Montgomery said...

I'm not in AA but as part of my codependency recovery I have admitted to myself and another that I am powerless over alcohol.
I used to be a binge drinker.I loved to drink till the sun came up.I wasn't one of those people who can stop after one or two.
I do envy people who can drink lightly-but at the same time I am glad that they can.This past Christmas I craved getting drunk to escape some stuff I was feeling.
Then I surrendered and remembered that my drinking could make things worse.I don't ever want to feel that fear again.