Thursday, August 16, 2007

Incurable, progressive and fatal

Three words that we hear often at meetings; wow, what a concept. addiction is sometimes compared to an allergy, in the literature they use strawberries. well I have to tell you it is much easier to stay away from strawberries, than it is drugs or alcohol. there is not a fruit I have ever tried, that gave me the buzz I got getting ripped. Depending on the individual, the addiction progression can be swift or slow.
Whatever the case may be, it can never be reversed; hence the old expression you can't change a pickle back to a cucumber. Even armed with this knowledge I didn't think it applied to me.
yes I was unique, I was the pioneer who was going to find a way to drink safely, or so I thought.
Needless to say, all my efforts were due to fail and with each failure came the usual guilt shame and remorse. Early on I held a great deal of envy for those who could still drink safely.
Today I no longer feel that way, and I often joke with friends that I squeezed all my lifetime drinking into 20 years!
In my 24 year career as a firefighter and first responder I have seen the wide swath of death created by alcohol and drug abuse. From drunks falling asleep in bed to addicts slumped over the wheel of their car, and the numerous car accidents.
There are many more deaths in this country caused by alcohol that are not reported as such.

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Namenlosen Trinker said...

There are four words I associate with alcoholism: primary, chronic, progressive and fatal.

I too am a former first responder on a volunteer ambulance squad. I too have seen a wide swath of death created by drug abuse and, particularly, alcohol, including the following particular incident, which haunts me to this day.

One winter, a man went out with his friends to celebrate the birth of his child. Afterwards, they dropped him off—drunk—in front of his house. He never made indoors. He was found the next morning frozen to death outside his front door.