Friday, August 10, 2007

Rehab Pros & Cons

Yes, I have been to several, ranging from Nazi style, to places of sex, drugs and rock & roll!
My first foray into rehab was a 21 day outpatient at Guenster House. Initially, I was a bit skeptical, but I was willing to listen and share my thoughts. I really wasn't ready to give up my party life at that time, and did not complete the program.
During the next 10 years I found myself trying to maintain a semblance of control and normalcy.
It was getting progressively worse. I tried another inpatient center, and was able to amass about 3 months. It was back on the sauce again, until friends and family began to encourage me to get help. Each time in rehab, I would learn something new about addiction and myself. Of course I was still convinced that I could somehow regain control of my problem. The idea of permanence was still a bit foreign to me.
Rehab was becoming a "recharge" for me, rather than a long term solution. Of course the more I learned about addiction, the less fun it was to go back out. A big part of the problem for me was making the connection that rehab is merely an education and an introduction to AA & NA.
The super strict rehab was way over the top, concerning interaction between males and females.
On the other side was the facility that did nothing to curb physical relationships developing between the guys and gals; way too chaotic! The programs that struck a balance between these two, by allowing social interaction, without the intercourse, were the most beneficial.
Rehab centers allow the protected environment most addicts need , in addition to Spiritual guidance, factual knowledge of the mechanism of addiction and the introduction to the rooms of 12 step recovery.

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erinsav said...

I entered into the lock-down psyche ward of a hospital. There was a mix of mental patients, alcoholics and drug addicts.

We all had groups and stuff together and it became really clear to me why this was done. It seemed we all had the same type of problems it's just how we chose to deal with those problems that differed.

For me, rehab was the best thing that I've ever done for myself.