Sunday, January 13, 2008

AA Slogans & Realities

Meeting makers make it- make what? I see plenty of meeting makers who just make meetings without any growth or recovery.

sobriety is judged on the maintenance of my spiritual condition-- what about your mental & emotional condition?

you are not alone, yes while you're at the meeting--after that you are alone with your thoughts, urges & challenges

it works if you work it---so that means the 95% who fail, just didn't work it?

stick with the winners---and they are? the most eloquent slogan slingers?

we are only sick as our secrets---ok, so after you come clean, it means you didn't do that sick thing? you are only as sick as your actions

respect the anonymity of others---yeah right! telephone, telegraph, tell anything at a meeting; it will get out

when we talk to God its called prayer, when God talks to us its called schizophrenia

my worst day sober is better than my best day drunk---wow this one is for people who never had a good time drinking

and my all time favorite; it's a spiritual program, not a religious one.

Okay, is that why God is mentioned in 6 of the 12 steps,
and only twice in the Ten commandments?
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