Saturday, January 5, 2008

No single solution

My way of looking at the methods of recovery.
When I hear talk of AA is the only way, I just
have to shake my head.
Sure AA has worked for some for many years,
but there are more co-occurring mental disorders
and dual addictions today.

The old "take the cotton out of your ears" credo
just doesn't cut it anymore. There are a large
percentage of alcoholics who suffer from clinical
depression and bi-polar disorder.
Without first addressing these issues, no amount of
prayer, meetings and steps are going to lead to

For all you loyal old-timers out there, I say kudos
on your continued progress; but please don't discourage
newcomers from getting ALL the help they need.
AA and spirituality can be valuable assets, provided
underlying psychological issues are being identified
and treated.

Addiction is no longer a simple matter; it is a complex
array of genetic, emotional, and behavioral factors.

My belief is a multifaceted approach is absolutely
necessary to combat this baffling illness.

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Unknown said...

Dear Jack,
I imagine AA is still in the “dark ages” – there is a lot more information available today, than there was back in the 30’s.

STEPPERS haven’t progressed with the times & have been "hoodwinked" into believing that the 12 Steps can make one well – they do the opposite.

The critical thinking section of ones brain is slowly altered with the constant barrage of Satanism (AA/NA). Most STEPPERS live in “psychological prisons” & the only way out is through the saving grace of our Lord & Saviour, JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD.

Ones process is never about someone else; ones process is back there in one’s childhood. AA was very much like my history: very controlling and oppressive. I also imagine it to be anti-Christ.

For me the journey of recovery has brought me to a deeper understanding of what Jesus Christ did for me. I should be in Hell but Jesus died on a cross for my sins, Johnny. I called on him over 3 years ago, after years of therapy - He has taken away all my fear and guilt.

Jesus has forgiven me my sins, John, not a "higher power," but Jesus Christ. I love you so much, Jesus, my Lord and Saviour. I could never forgive myself, Jack, but Jesus did through his sacrifice, on the Cross. I love you, Jack! Do you love me?


Shadow said...

oh yes, alcoholism goes hand in hand with a bunch of stuff... way complex. didn't know that in the beginning though. though it was ALL about not drinking. go figure.

Anonymous said...

A bizarre number of addicts/alcoholics suffer from Bipolar Disorder and other mental disorders. Whether the chicken or the egg came first is no longer the issue.
The majority are not getting their mental health issues addressed either concurrently or as a first step and therefore may never experience the joy of lasting clean time.
I have found that mental drama, if given an outlet (healthy creative ones) can utilize the madness in a productive way and help to eliminate the need for substances.
I have never been a firm believer that it is not wise to allow your addiction to manifest in other areas as 12 steppers refute. Why make getting sober be more chaotic than it already is holistically? As long as the manifestations are in healthy arenas, let us

YamadogGirl said...

I read your posts today, found you thru Shadow. This one stood out to me as I see this a lot. I am a pure alcoholic, but I see many with dual addictions or mental health issues not getting the proper treatment or help they need.

Although, how can an AA meeting help someone who is an addict only? We can't relate, we don't understand the drug addiction? I'm not saying I don't understand a dual addict (alcohol & drugs), but I don't get the drug thing only, so how can I help?? Some people give advice when they shouldn't, and it's killing people who do really need professional help, and a program that work's for them. This is not always AA.

I will always be willing to help where God puts me, but I will also be upfront and tell you I don't understand the drug thing and point you in the direction of someone who does.

This was a great reminder for me to continue being open-minded, thank you.


Anonymous said...

YamadogGirl: Alcohol IS a drug. And vice versa.

It strips us of functionality the same, steals our sense of morals and reponsibilities the same, disconnects us from family friends and coworkers the same (if we can even keep a job!) and destroys our self esteem and confidence in the future the same. (and on and on..)

This is one of the reasons I do not encourage AA because the are in the dark ages by refusing to admit that they are also drug addicts.

It is a mind and mood altering substance just the same.

It is also just as difficult to find NA meetings that have members with long term sobriety. and alot of times they are harder edged than I'd like to spend time with.

Believe not only understand addiction. You are living proof of addiction along with all of us.

Your life depends on accepting who you have become. Only then can you take the stance of change.

And change is a beautiful thing.

Your friend,