Monday, November 19, 2007

Not That EASY

I always got a kick out of Nancy Reagan's famous slogan; "Just say no".
Mass media would like us to believe it is all that simple.
Whether it's smoking, sex, drinking or drugging, all we have to do is
talk to children and young adults about these vices, and all will be well.

What a load of crap!
Kids are going to experiment with some or all the above, regardless of
how much education they get from parents or school.
I see it in families with solid parenting, where one child won't touch as much
as a cigarette, and the other is drinking and drugging at 15.

Much of what kids do is determined by the crowd they associate with.
Sure it's good to be open about those subjects, but it rarely acts as a deterrent.

For those who can't say no; you can caution them that 1 in 10 will become an
alcoholic or addict, and those are the statistics and the chances they take.

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Shadow said...

ain't that the truth! my friend always says that all a parent can actually do for their children is provide information and a safe refuge for a child, and when temptation comes along, hope that the 2 will be enough to allow the child to make their own (correct) decision when the time comes...

Shadow said...

you've been tagged. play along if you feel like it...

Fireman John said...

love to play!
what do I do?