Saturday, November 3, 2007


A quote from Psychological Assessment Referral Treatment Services;

"Intoxication is not without its benefits. A blood alcohol level of .05 may help an inhibited person perform more effectively in social situations. On the other hand, intoxication is implicated in 65% of murders, 88% of knifings, 65% of spouse battering, 55% of violent child abuse. "

Herein lies the grand paradox of the very thing that attracts us initially; for some it may also unleash inhibited violent tendencies. I can attest to the progression from the simple mellow glow, to the angry simmering rage. That is not to say I ever acted with physical violence against anyone, but was subject to being verbally abusive.

In my previous post I stated that I hate this disease, mainly because of the widespread physical, mental, emotional and criminal consequences caused by alcohol and drugs.

I just want more folks to experience the calmness and sense of normalcy that comes with time. It's not that real life trauma will cease, it is about dealing with what life has to offer, good and bad, without reverting back to drowning or numbing our feelings.

There are times when a drink or line looks attractive to me; but I have to remember the path it leads to...fear, guilt, remorse and a total loss of all I had worked for. Is it worth it? We think not! The "quick fix" is no fix at all. I still don't have all the answers, but at least I know some of the questions. First question everyday is, do I want to stay stay sober more than I want to drink?

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Shadow said...

oh yeah!!!!!

Kathy Lynne said...

Yes, if only I could have stayed at the .05 level. Again it brings me back to Chapter 3. Spent my life trying to drink like my fellows. I am grateful that I have found different fellows:)