Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just stick around

I hate this disease!
The success rates for long term sobriety are quite low.
Health consequences are numerous and under-reported.
Intoxication is such a powerful temptation; even years down the road.

OK, I vented, and feel better now!
While I am extremely grateful for the program and my continued sobriety,
I get disillusioned when I see or hear of folks relapsing. Lately it's every
meeting there is word of another person going back out.

Part of my acceptance today, involves the cold hard facts of success/failure rates.
It is especially hard when a friend in the Sober House who really uses the suggestions,
attends meetings, and utilizes a sponsor, succumbs to drugs or alcohol.
I just wish more people would stick around long enough to reach that juncture, where
they want to stay sober, more than they want to drink or use.

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Kathy Lynne said...

Count me in!

Shadow said...

if i look at the cold, hard facts, once you're addicted, you'll always be addicted. and addiction is powerful. no matter how much water under the bridge, one will always be suseptible to relapse. that is something that's depressed me ever since i got sober. i'll never be over it. i CAN never be over it.

also, look at the word recovery. to me recovering from a broken leg means that once it's healed, you can go back to using it. so recovery in addiction doesn't happen. because no matter what, i'll never be able to drink again. so in actual fact, recovery is the 'wrong' word...

good grief, where did all that come from....