Saturday, October 6, 2007

Outlook is Paramount

As a person who had always seen the glass as "half empty", I have begun to realize the importance
of a positive outlook. For many years when life handed me lemons; I added VODKA!
It hasn't been an easy transition from my mildly pessimistic view, to one of optimism.
The longer I keep my ego in check, and maintain a sense of humility, the easier it gets to change my perception of the glass to "half full". Gratitude plays a large part in accepting the hand I'm dealt, without always looking for more.
The pessimistic side of me used to whine that I couldn't drink like other people, and yes I did envy the folks that could drink safely. That feeling slowly faded as I accepted the permanence of my condition. Now, when I attend social events where people are drinking, it is entertaining to watch the behaviors of folks in the various stages of inebriation.
I can be optimistic that I won't be vomiting that night, and suffering the next morning.

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Shadow said...

optimism does play a big role. but i still haven't gotten to the point where knowing i won't have a hangover the next day overshadows the fact that i feel like an outside at times.... time, time, time cures all ill's, right?

Fireman John said...

Shadow,Not sure what you mean by an outsider; I need some details.I felt out of touch with most meetings, couldn't identify with ANYONE. It took some shoppin' around to find groups where I fit in.
Time is a constant factor in the stages of recovery. Time doesn't cure all; but it allows the healing process and gives us a chance to break the cycle of in & out.
I have vowed to become an "old-timer"; If I don't drink & don't die, I'm IN!