Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Public perception

Earth people, normies or wherever we label the rest of the world, the myths and misconceptions about alcoholism and drug addiction still persist. Most distressing to me is the perceived notion that there is a time frame cure. How are we supposed to undo a pattern of years in a matter of months?

The public views rehab as a cure as in,"I hope they get it right this time". This magic bullet theory is so prevalent here, whether it be addiction, weight-loss or gambling. Even with Al-Anon and media output the old thinking just never goes away.

It is so surprising to me, in this age of information technology, how little the public actually knows about addiction. Even our family and friends have difficulty understanding the recovery process.
They too, can be as impatient as we are, as it relates to the time and effort it takes to sustain recovery.
In addition to sex education, maybe we should include the 12 steps in our education process!
There is no easy solution to this; all we can do is attempt to educate and continue to communicate the message of recovery to anyone willing to listen.

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Infinity said...

You are right, there is no magic bullet. Like so many things with life, people want the quick fix and the cure all.

Thanks for sharing.

Shadow said...

yip. have wondered about the 'time frame' thing. hubby reckons 1 year is ample to get over it, pat (child lost) said she asked a professor who was a recovering alcoholic, who said no a day under 2 years.... but i think a lot depends on the individual too.