Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Good Month to Stop the Madness

October was a good month to get sober at my home group.
The last Friday of the month we celebrate 25, 22, 19 and me with 4.
Four years ago today, I restarted my attempt at sobriety. It was my son's 21st
birthday. I hope it will become the gift that keeps on giving!

The best advice I can give to anyone in that 1 to 2 year span, is to stay vigilant and respect the power of compulsion. It is important to recognize the difference between the desire and the thought of a drink. The desire will slowly fade but the thought may remain longer.
Just remember to think the thought all the way through, to that place where the action will lead.
Whatever it takes to get through the flat spots, use every resource available to persevere, regardless of what life throws at you. If we remain honest, willing and able to accept that a drink or drug is NOT an option, we have another way of life and hope for the future.

Happy Anniversary to all October Celebrants!
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Shadow said...

you've said what i felt this weekend so nicely, the difference between the desire and the thought. thanks! it's good to know i'm not nuts, heee heee