Saturday, October 27, 2007

Living Sober

This is what recovery is all about; living sober. Sure most of us had those initial thoughts that,
"what am I going to do now?"
It's more than just not drinking or drugging. The process involves so much more.

Putting down the substance is the easy part. The real work begins with honest self-appraisal and the determination to change the thoughts and behaviors that led to addiction.
Rigorous honesty is not always as simple as it sounds. The degree of ego deflation and humility required can be quite elusive and challenging.

Once we take that crucial look at ourselves, we can begin to get completely honest with others.
Real amends occur as we continue to stay true to our words and deeds.
We have to remember that this does not happen overnight. Our patterns of deceit may have lasted for years; we can only hope that those we harmed will be patient with our progress.

Continued sobriety can open doors we may have previously slammed shut; the possibilities
are boundless. All the fears and insecurities begin to dissipate; our levels of confidence will rise.
No longer will we be hampered by paranoia, despair or defeatism.

These are the things we hear in The Promises; and they can come true, if we work for them...
one day at a time.

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Kathy Lynne said...

That is what I have found so rewarding and amazing. I came to AA to get sober and what I am finding is a new sober life. I am most appreciative even if it is sometimes painful and I have a long way to go. It is so much better than where I was.

Shadow said...

this is something i only realised after...