Sunday, October 21, 2007

Micky loves me!

A comment from the blunder down under;
Dear Jack
Are you a PHARISEE? Is the BIG BOOK the word of God? Of course not!! You are not an alcoholic, but a sinner just like me. Jesus Christ died on a cross for your sins - not Bill Wilson. AA is the work of Satan - you have been deluded, like millions of other STEPPERS. The only way to SALVATION is through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I love you<

Wow; if I only knew my problem wasn't drugs and alcohol, but merely my sins!
If only I had prayed correctly, my depression would have been relieved!
Diligent Bible study could have stopped the obsession to drink!
Confession could have replaced all those silly rehabs and meetings!

Thanks so much for the guidance...
and my advice for you Micky;
get some help, get a grip, and get a life!

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Shadow said...

let's see if he'll listen to the pope....

GREAT picture!!!!

Fireman John said...

i doubt it!
he left 3 comments, all derogatory.
very mean-spirited, for a purported follower of Jesus!

Shadow said...

...the worst is he copies and pastes the same one's all over the place. not very original or inspiring is it...

Kathy Lynne said...

Too bad blogger doesn't have a way that we could block certain addresses. I appreciated this post alot. Of course this means I'll get spammed by our "christian" friend who certainly is not very christianlike in my book. In fact its just this kind of hypocritical behaviour that has turned me off of religon for years. Grateful to have gotten past that now.


Hey Mickey, why not come take on a witch instead of a VERY amazing man who is kind enough to share his pain and his learning with us!
You are the kind that gives christianity a BAD name in the first place. You are not a christian as your words are not the Christian Gods gospel. Not the one from ya little black book anyways! Rumour has it that was a God of love! Go read some!You are quite cruel and vicious and thankfully the universe takes care of such!
Oh by the way, I thought judgement day was for God to play puppetmaster, not his mere little servants such as yourself! Blessed be
ps - Sorry John I needed to have a go at that satan incarnate!
Absolutely NO offense to any true christians!