Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Don't Want To Grow Up...

...I'm a Toys R Us kid!
The reason I say this is because growing up is the hardest part of the basic elements of recovery.
I continue to show up at various format meetings; learning from the good, bad and sometimes ugly experiences of others.

Next I must own up; to my past and present wrongs, make amends and learn from my mistakes, in a concerted effort to not repeat my former behaviors.Honesty isn't always the easy way, but today it's the only way after my years of deception.

The real test of progress is the ability to grow up; after looking honestly at myself.
That inner child who always got his way, was intolerant, impatient and irresponsible.
Alcohol and drugs were the fuel that fired that selfish inner brat, stunting my emotional growth.
Letting go of those old behaviors becomes easier, the longer I continue to identify them and realize life is not just about me, me, me.

Today, I am responsible, accountable and remain teachable.

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Shadow said...

oh my that picture... it's the best! such determination in that little face, knows exactly what he wants!

but i get your message too.

. said...

They aren't called growing "pains" for nothing...