Tuesday, December 11, 2007

AA- The ONLY Way?

Yes and no.
That all depends on the individual; their beliefs, personalities
and unique experiences.

By now any readers of my blog know I view addiction as a
complex issue, recovery as no simple matter, and addressing
it from multiple sources.

AA can be a valuable resource for anyone looking for support
in dealing with alcoholism. The vast number of meetings
available worldwide, and the mix of formats, allow something
for any person seeking help.

Do I believe AA is the ONLY way? Unfortunately no.
Sure we hear at meetings that it is, and if you walk
out the door and don't come back, you are doomed!

Well that is just not the case. Statistics from AA's own
Worldwide council indicate that recovery rates for those
who use the program are no better than for people who
just quit on their own.

Despite all the huffing and puffing that occurs in the rooms,
long term recovery rates in AA are only 5%.
That figure is the same for those who just stop due to legal,
or medical issues.

We encourage folks to use AA in addition to addressing any
underlying psychological and medical issues.
It has been our experience that "don't drink & go to meetings",
may keep you sober; but is no guarantee of healthy recovery.

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