Monday, December 10, 2007

Good Advice...

...seldom heeded.
Every day more people are injured or killed by impaired drivers.
Even so, I don't agree with the current legal limit of .08.
Unfortunately, thousands of people attempting to drink responsibly,
having 3 beers or 2 glasses of wine, are being arrested, demonized,
and penalized by insurance companies.

Before you assume I'm crazy, just consider what the low limit is doing
to innocent social drinkers. The .08 limit is just too low and does nothing
to prevent real drunks from driving.
Now I'm all for harsh penalties for the irresponsible repeat offenders,
but way too many unimpaired drivers are getting punished because of
the pressure from groups like MADD, and the insurance companies are thrilled.

There will never be a sure fire method for keeping drunks off the roads.
Thankfully, it is encouraged to use designated drivers, or just not driving
at all when impaired.

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Jason X said...

I bet this article makes MADD mad. But I like a good controversial point of view. I hope your article generates some discussion.

Shadow said...

yip, alcohol is (together with speeding) the main cause of all road deaths over the holiday season in sa...

Unknown said...

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