Sunday, December 2, 2007

the Doors

Yes we've all heard "when one door closes etc.; my response used to
be. "why am I always stuck in the hallway?"
A person's perception comes into play when looking at the door.

The other elements are gratitude and acceptance.
It's not always easy to let go of people or things that bring happiness.
I'm finally learning to be grateful for the times I have had, that came to an end.

Helen Keller's quote reminds me of another slogan;
"If you have one foot in the past, and one in the future,
you are crapping all over the present".

Kind of crude, but true nonetheless.

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Shadow said...

i read somewhere: god doesn't close one door unless there's another one open, even though it may be hell in the hallway...

Rex said...

Sometimes it's a window....we just have to remain open and teachable in order to see the next openning.

Unknown said...

Dear Jack,
Have you tried fishing? Not your common or gardening angling, but “reel fishing”! Not with worms or artificial flies, but with “real meat”, like the 12 STEPS or the BIG BOOK.

We used to do it every summer…well! It was your summer and our winter. You’ve probably gathered, that I used to live in Australia.

We’d hire this boat, quite a big one it was, Ethel and the kids, Bill 44 and Bob…he’d be 37 by now. We’d do a picnic basket – lovely it was, ham, salad, the 5th Step, cold turkey, sobriety dates, drinking stories, a couple of bottles of wine and the 12 x 12, And off we’d sail over the reef.

The sun would beat down, often the sea would be as calm…no calmer than the 12th STEP and we’d just drift. We’d put our lines over then and just wait – play AA tapes, talk crap, and ring our SPONSORS.

Wonderful it was. Mind you, Ethel, didn’t care for the bait, it was the smell you see and the sight of HOW IT WORKS cluttering up the deck. “Micky”, she’d say! “The AA PROGRAM is putting me off my dinner”! Well, it didn’t bother me or the kids, it wasn’t like that, the OXFORD GROUP had delivered it quite fresh but Ethel used to say that CHAPTER 5 “sneered” at her and made noises, offensive noises, when the gases escaped from its crap.

The kids loved that “Mum”! They’d say when it did it – “RARELY HAVE WE SEEN A ZOMBIE FAIL WHO HAS THOROUGHLY FOLLOWED OUR PATH,” Well she didn’t like that, not Ethel, strict BUCHMANITE, she was, thought it was very disrespectful.

She would go into one of her sulks and it would last for “bloody hours”. Mind you, she did get a bit more excited when Bill shared his story. Well she had to with Bill frothing at the mouth and banging his fist against the side of the boat. And then there would be more…Bob got into the act, tearing chunks out of the 12 Steps, spitting everywhere, snapping at Bill.

But I don’t think she really approved, not Ethel. She said it was a senseless DRUNK - A - LOG. Well I suppose it was if you look at it that way! But there are lots of 12 STEP PROGRAMS aren’t, there?

It went wrong when Bill did the 9th Step! Huge it was, more like the 5th step, really. Again and again he raved on like a psychopath, but he wouldn’t shut up.

Clever “bugger”! He had learned you see. Well I was determined that I was going to do a personal INVENTORY. I threw the BIG BOOK, all the picnic stuff in the water. Bill went mad; I’d never seen him so upset. He tore the rod out of its restraints and hurled it in the water.

I didn’t stop to think, that’s always been my problem, “being sober” – Bill followed the rod! Well! He was gone in “two bites” and I didn’t catch the PROGRAM. It seemed to know, it sort of “grinned” at me and then just made off. Bob wasn’t too pleased either…he’d missed his HIGHER POWER!! HA1 HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!


Kathy Lynne said...

My sponser keeps telling me that too. I'm still learning to look for the openings. But grateful that I know they are there.

Would you shut that guy up already!:)

Fireman John said...

I only allow Micky's rants as long as they are original; not just some Bible quotes.
I don't want to hog all his wisdom to I share them with

Kathy Lynne said...

I started reading your blog because of your exchanges with him actually. I don't even read his comments anymore. I tried to have a dialogue when he first commented on my blog but he is not interested in that sadly. He is purely cut and paste rants. And not nice either. I think God wants us to be nice regardless of our beliefs.